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Library databases for Education and Teaching

An example: ERIC – Education Resources Information Center (EBSCOhost version)


Your challenge
Looking in ERIC, search for articles on learning & teaching in higher education – search terms may include :

  • Higher education OR undergraduate students OR University
  • Instructional OR pedagogy OR learning process OR concept formation OR teaching methods 

Look for search terms that match your subject expertise for teaching. For example:

  • Accounting; Computer Science; Business Administration; STEM; computer security

Open the article record in ERIC. Where do you find these search terms in the a?  

  • Look at a suitable article record 
  • Look in Descriptors (other databases will use the term Subjects)
  • Look in the Abstract

What journals appear more frequently in your search results?

  • Look at your search results to see which journals focus on your expertise.  Are there journals that standout/appear often in the results?

Some examples

International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education,

Rovio-Johansson, A. (2016). Students’ Knowledge Progression: Sustainable Learning in Higher Education. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 28(3), 427–43

Journal of Instructional Pedagogies

Shawver, T. A. (2015). Building Student Success Using Problem-Based Learning Approach in the Accounting Classroom. Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, 17.



What are your reflections on this exercise: perhaps you might not have expected that an Education database would have had included the literature useful to your expertise?

What could you contribute to this literature in your field?

Example for "Finding journals on teaching & learning – Library databases":

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