Teamwork can lead to solutions and benefits.

Choose your partners carefully and focus on shared outcomes. Can your new partners add skills and knowledge lacking in among your existing colleagues?

Collaborations can increase citations – especially if you collaborate with people from other specialties or institutions.

Using Scopus to find collaborators

In this exercise you are going to use Scopus to identify researchers in Australia that work in an area of interest to you. 

So how can Scopus Database help you identify potential collaborators. See if you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Scopus
  2. Conduct a search on a topic of interest. Here is a link to How to search Scopus
Screenshot from Scopus

3. Limit your search using the left-hand column to country/ territory. You might have to click on the view more option to find Australia. You can also limit to the last few years

Screenshot from Scopus

4. You can now Analyze Search Results

Screenshot from Scopus

5. You should now be able to identify the most active researchers in this area of research as well as identify the institutions and funding sponsors in this area of research in Australia.

Screenshot from Scopus Screenshot from Scopus

6. If you click on the different cards, you should be able to find more detailed information.

Your Challenge

  • Search Scopus on a topic of your choice – e.g. engineering education
  • Apply limits to the year to identify active researchers in your discipline. Apply a country/region limit to see researchers from that area.
  • Check the first few articles to make sure they are relevant to what you are researching
  • Click on Analyze results.
  • Find:
    • the five top authors in your area of research
    • which institution that publish most
    • where the grants are coming from

Example for "Finding Collaborators in Scopus":

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